Laverne Cox, Keynote address, Creating Change 2014

This is such an important thing to say, though.

A lot of people are acknowledging this as a very powerful sound bite, but take a minute to really consider the context of this.

Every time you misgender a trans person, you are putting their lives in danger.

You aren’t just hurting our feelings - and there is nothing “just” about hurt feelings for people prone to suicide - you risk outing us to people we may not want to be outed to.

It opens us up to harassment, discrimination, and even assault. We could lose our jobs, our families, and our livelihood.

Every time you intentionally misgender a trans person, you tell us that you consider us to be less than animals.



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The most intense pain in the world is burning yourself on a hot seatbelt buckle

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“My favorite co-star to film with is Dylan. He is really fun to work with.”

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Holland Roden @ the 5th Annual Elle Women in Music Celebration

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was feeling blue so i tried to draw some kaldur to cheer up only he came out looking upset about something too :/

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just checked my facebook…my boss messaged me about the cyborg news as well MY LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS AND I’M CRYING

Ray Fisher to Play Cyborg In 'Batman-Superman' (EXCLUSIVE)


Warner Bros. hasn’t commented, but it seems likely that this is true.